Thursday, February 19, 2009

Too Lazy to Bakes, Here's Some Pictures

I don't know if I'm still recovering from The Mysterious Flu Strain (let's call it TMFS) or if TMFS is actually mono but I have been EXHAUSTED the last week. Even if I sleep eight hours, I am exhausted all day and my brain is so nonfunctional that I have the attention span of a drugged flea. All I can seem to be able to focus on is marathon episodes of The Girls Next Door. It's an excellent show to rest your brain cells but not what I need to be doing when I have midterms next week. I've started taking naps during the day but that doesn't seem to recharge me either.

So in the mean time, here are some pictures of a sunrise from the top of Haleakala in Hawaii that I've been meaning to share. I'm not sure how Joe managed to convince me to wake up at 3 am for the drive, especially after the Hike of Horror and Doom. I was probably in the middle of eating some decadent dessert when I would agree to anything as long as nobody tried to take away my spoon.

I'm not going to pretend I took any of these pictures, I was definitely a huddled mass in the observation deck, trying to conserve body heat. It turns out, hey, it's not warm at 10,000 feet at 5 am, even in Hawaii. So because Joe was more properly dressed (and had also consumed an alarming amount of caffeine on the drive and was a perky, bouncy ball of Joe) he took all the pictures.

I was also trying to stand very still because I became nauseous, which I thought was my stomach punishing me for not getting an acceptable 14 hours of sleep. But it turns out I had altitude sickness, which I didn't realize until we were about to leave. We walked back to the car and when I sat down I started and yelled, "OW!!" because it felt like I had just sat in a vat of needles. And then I put my arms back and screamed again because my arms felt the same way. All of my skin felt like it was being simultaneously stabbed by millions of tiny needles. Apparently this pin and needles feeling is uncommon with altitude sickness, I'm was just one of the lucky ones.

It got better gradually as we got further down the mountain so it was over fairly quickly, thankfully. Still, it was worth it. It was really gorgeous, obviously. My favorite view was actually before the sun rose. The stars were out and it was pitch black so it was like being suspended in space. It was breathtaking, though it also freaked me out a lot. One of my top three irrational fears is falling endlessly through space, which was kind of like this felt like. In case you were wondering, my other two irrational fears are probably airplanes and atomic bombs. Disturbing fact? Every single time a camera flash goes off around me, I have a small heart attack because I immediately think ATOMIC BOMB. And yes, I'm aware that therapy is probably a good idea if I want to live past 25 without having a stroke.

While we're on the topic, top rational fears are probably 1) death and 2) having to face the wrath of my mom if I were to get pregnant or elope before I graduate. And of course since I'm mysteriously nauseous all the time, 400 people are always asking me if perhaps I'm pregnant. To which I say, "Shh! Don't suggest something so awful, my mom might hear you!" and they say, "Um, isn't she in Alaska?" to which I reply, "Have you met my mom? IF I GET PREGNANT SHE WILL STOP MY HEART WITH LASER EYES."

Suggest something for me to bake, I'm uninspired at the moment. Decide for me, I need to conserve my energy for walking to and from the kitchen.


alaskagrrrL said...

Ahhh, mother of the laser eyes here: Oh, would that my superpowers were so far-reaching...your brother would have gotten in FAR less trouble up to this time (but yes, I will find a way to reach you and wring your neck--in the most loving and understanding way--should those events come to pass. As far a baking goes I suggest the comfort food category: rice pudding, bread pudding, pots de creme....yummmm. Or something tropically to fit in with your HI theme...pineappley or coconutty!

Megan said...

Your pictures are beautiful.If you dont have alot of energy, something you can throw together and it takes one pan. I recommend chocolate bread pudding.:-) Thats just my 2 cents!

Katy said...

Your pictures are definitely beautiful.

I hope you feel better very soon, now would be good, I think.

Bridgett said...

I've visited there a few times and I am amazed how breathtaking it is each time. I love it up there. I sure hope you feel better as I have been going through the same thing for the last couple weeks. It's nasty, isn't it? take care!