Saturday, September 5, 2009

Real food time: roasted veggies!

So I do cook real food on occasion. And the ingredients don't even consist of only flour, sugar and butter! I saw on the news today that a bear broke into a house and ate a container of brown sugar, a box of Cocopuffs and a quart of ice cream before crawling out a window. And I was all, "Me and that bear would get along just fine." I'll capture him, feed him baked goods and we'll live in harmony. I'll name him Norman.

Anyway, I rarely post my savory dishes since what I cook is pretty slap dash and made up. However, I was bored the other day and this is a pretty standard dish of mine so here you go. Roasted veggies.

Before roasting

I've become pretty obsessed with roasting things. It's A) Super easy. You slice things up, crank up the oven and leave it in the oven until it looks done or you get impatient and B) nine times out of ten, its super delicious. I do this most often with vegetable but fruits can also be tasty. Baked apples, anyone? I eat those a lot. I was making one over the summer and my brother asked, "What's that? Can I have one?" and I replied, "A baked apple, of course. We are obviously not related. I'll make you one if you take a shower." The joys of living with a teenage boy.

I usually just pull out whatever we happen to have around and this time it was onion, squash, mushrooms and carrots. The biggest thing I've learned about roasting veggies is to cut them into similar sized chunks so that they all cook at the same pace. Otherwise you'll have burnt mushrooms and raw squash and we are aiming for edible here.

After roasting

So 1) cut veggies into roughly the same sizes. 2) Transfer veggies to a baking sheet lined with parchment or foil, mostly for easy clean up factor because I'm lazy. 4) season the veggies. I spray the veggies with cooking spray to get a nice even coating that way. Then I sprinkle on salt, pepper and cayenne. 5) Pop into a hot oven (I usually go 400 for most veggie mixes) and bake until the veggies are soft and nicely browned. Again, this varies for different veggie mixes but at least 20 minutes for most batches.

Ta da! You can finish them off with a little fresh herbs (I used parsley here) or grated cheese, whatever you like.

Okay, baking suggestion time. What should I make next? All Joe wants is crackers.


alaskagrrrL said...

Oh, my. What next? Coconut cream something...something curd-slathered...gingerbread-ey items...a stack of crepes stuck together with pastry cream (I saw this in a book today) or banana bread poured over with caramely butterscotch sauce (in same book)...sticky toffee pudding or sticky buns!
Is that enough options? I'm hungry now, I hope you're happy!!! Mom XOXO

mia said...

Make flan! Any kind. Coconut flan to satisfy mom? Or make Indian crepes with bananas because we had that once when I was twelve and you were eight and I think about them ALL THE TIME.

Katy ~ said...

Roasted veggies look real good! I rarely take the time to roast them even though I enjoy them.

What to bake? Something autumnish, with apples or pumpkins. You decide. It's all good to me!

Erin said...

I love roasted vegetables. I tried grilling them on a kabob this week and I have to confess I like them roasted in the oven much better. Yum! Love your blog!

perdantasterx said...

hmmm sopapillas with different dipping sauces? mmm