Saturday, May 12, 2012

It's official

5/12/12 – a little over 4 weeks pregnant

Blood tests came back very much positive and my nurse practitioner is pleased with how everything looks. It’s official: I’m pregnant! WHAT?

Joe was in favor of waiting until after the first trimester to tell friends and family so we could make sure everything was truly okay. While I do want to wait to tell the world (meaning Facebook) it’s just not reasonable to wait that long to tell immediate friends and family. We’ve gone to several family dinners in the last week and of course everybody asks if anything is new with Joe and I. And Joe and I look at each other in a panic and go, “HAHA NOTHING NEW WHY WOULD YOU ASK? DEFINITLEY NOTHING LIFE CHANGING. SOPHIE IS DEFINITELY NOT GROWING A BABY.” It’s torture.

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