Thursday, June 14, 2012

Morning sickness, you wretched beast

6/14/12 – About 9 weeks pregnant

So was MIA for a while there because right on schedule at 5 weeks pregnant the morning sickness kicked in and I’ve spent most of my time focusing on not vomiting. I’ve worked out a medication regimen that at least takes the edge off. I still can’t be near anything food related until about noon without wanting to die but at least I’m not throwing up constantly. The other day I forgot to take my medicine and promptly threw up multiple times. Lesson learned.

People have asked me if I’ve been craving anything, to which I say HAHAHAHA. NO. DO NOT WANT FOOD EVER AGAIN.

Mostly I eat bland carbs. Cheesy carbs are especially good. I ate one of those awful frozen mac and cheeses the other day and thought I had died and gone to heaven. Bland!  Carb-y! Reminiscent of cheese! Mushy to the point of predigested! Perfect.

I usually eat a pretty healthy diet but for the last month I haven’t been able to look at a vegetable without dry heaving. So I’m eating a very balanced diet of bread and cheese. Good thing they make you take a multivitamin. All the morning sickness info I’ve read basically says look, just eat what you can eat and don’t worry about it. The baby will just steal from your own bodily stores! Great. Thieving, thieving babies…

Here is what the little cupcake looked like when we first checked in, by the way. Good news, honey, we are gestating a gummy bear! 

In other news, told most of the extended family as well the past week or so. Last night we went out to dinner with Joe’s extended family and told them there. Well, Joe told them there. It was extraordinarily loud and half the family was at a different table next to us. So Joe eventually went over to the other table and shouted that I was pregnant, possibly using hand gestures to illustrate his point. And I’m sure everybody swung around to look at me, where I was probably grimacing and poking glumly at some soup. The vision of motherhood! Everybody was like, “Congratulations!!” to which I said, “Thanks. Please stop making sudden movements.”

Joe and I go to California tonight, part vacation and part work so I’m looking forward to that. Except for the Xanax-less plane ride, since Xanax is verboten during pregnancy. Which is a huge bummer for me. And Joe too, since my nails are quite sharp and last time we hit turbulence while flying together I about clawed Joe’s arm off.  The last time I hit turbulence solo I quickly calculated the maximum dosage of Xanax I could consume without causing organ damage and then chugged that back immediately. And then I don’t remember anything after that. AND IT WAS DELIGHTFUL.

In short, I really hate flying and am not at all basking in the joys of pregnancy. Fingers crossed, I should feel better in a couple weeks. Until then, you will find me in a fetal position on my couch, watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and trying not to drool on my pillow too much. 

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